common comfort food #1

comfort for fish

smoked carrot salmon on toast

Fish is one of the most consumed animal proteins by humans, especially in the global north’s industrialised countries. Swedes consume 20-30kg of fish a year, while my home country Iceland exceeds 60kg of fish per capita yearly. It’s safe to say fish is a common comfort food in the northern European culture. One of the common ways of preparing and preserving the fish is by smoking it, smoked salmon is considered a delicacy, definitely ticking the box of indulgent comfort food. ︎


Recreate a classic smoked salmon, prepare with care and compassion a comfort-for-all version of the original. Cause no harm to our planet’s fragile fish stocks, and contribute to a healthier ocean. Serve as a comfortable norm challenging appetizer!


- 3-5 carrots
/ marinade: 
- 150ml water
- 50ml soy sauce 
- 2 tbsp capers juice 
- 1 tbsp capers
- 50ml rice vinegar
- 100 ml neutral oil
- 1 tsp smoked paprika
- 1/2 tsp liquid smoke (optional)
- 1 nori sheet
- 1 tsp salt
/ bread and toppings:
- sourdough bread
- seaweed caviar
- vegan cream cheese (ex. oatly’s påmackan)
- red onions: pickled or fresh
- fresh chives or dill


Rinse and dry the carrots, no need to peel. Place in a baking dish and sprinkle with salt. Bake on 180ºC for 40 minutes and cool.

Blend all marinade ingredients until smooth. Use a vegetable peeler or mandolin to cut the carrots in long thin strips. Cover the carrot strips in marinade and let stand over night, it gets even better if you let it sit for longer. Keep in the fridge for up to 10 days, you can even reuse the marinade for making some fishy tofu or for seasoning other veggies.

Prepare the toast with a spread of vegan cream cheese, the carrot salmon and the other toppings to your liking.